17 Aprile 2024

Wedding proposal

It's fall season here...and we know the holidays aren’t far behind.
But, being passionate about weddings, we know that there is another important season that men all around the world are preparing for: the engagement season.
You may be surprised to know that nearly 40% of wedding proposals take place during the holidays.
We can't exactly know the reason for the popularity of the holiday proposal, but, what's better than sharing this amazing moment with friends & family when enjoying a big holiday meal?

If you guess he is proposing soon - or if you are going to do a wedding proposal– it's finally time to look at the perfect wedding venue.

In Tuscany, Italy our wedding venue stands and host many weddings every year.
This venue for weddings has a special location in Italy: it is embraced by all of the most beautiful cities of art such as Firenze, Pisa, Siena, Lucca.
The wedding villa with farmhouse, has all of the comforts and host 10 apartments with swimming pool, a terrace surrounded by a romantic garden, a rustic cellar and a lovely courtyard, where to enjoy a special view.
But our special attitude is the one of taking care of each couple and get to know them day by day and cater their individual wishes.
That's why here at Borgo Bucciano, your dream wedding will come true.

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