17 Aprile 2024

Where to get married in Italy

What magic! You´ve just got engaged and your dream is to organize a destination wedding in Italy.
Your evenings seated at your laptop browsing for the perfect location have just started.
But after the initial enthusiasm ... the web search can become exhausting and overwhelming. And the recurring question, that will become almost obsessive, will be: " Where to get married in Italy?".
Here at Borgo Bucciano we want to answer you in a simple and clear way: we take care of our Borgo and of our Wedding Villa as if it were a 5 star luxury hotel but we add all the warmth and the authenticity of a real Italian family, cooking for you and pampering you.
We respond to your emails quickly and we keep away all the stress out of your wedding preparations.
Preparations will be the occasion of enthusiasm and joyful planning.
Obviously we have also to say that we are placed in Tuscany, in a little corner of paradise...with breathtaking views over the surrounding valleys and a panoramic swimming-pool and Jacuzzi tub, but you already knew this....right?
Please email us today because we really want to reply to your question WHERE TO GET MARRIED IN ITALY!
Contact us today: info@borgobucciano.it

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